How do I choose a therapist?
All of our therapists are trustworthy and will respect your journey. When you call, ask yourself how you feel when you connect with the therapist and whether they are responsive to your needs. You will also want to choose a therapist who offers the type of treatment most appropriate for you. Beyond these qualities, you may need to consider scheduling compatibility and if using insurance, which therapists are covered by your insurance carrier.
Which of your therapists see kids and teens?
What is Christian counseling?
Simply, professional Christian Counseling includes God’s view of our problems. He offers hope, healing and forgiveness. God created us to live full lives, with a purpose and peace. Men and women are made in God’s image and intended to be in right relationship with God, themselves and one another.
What if I don't want others to know I'm coming in for counseling?
In order to provide a safe, secure environment for counseling, all of our clients’ personal information is handled in a totally professional and confidential manner.
How long are the sessions and how often do I need to come in?
The length of sessions vary between 45-90 minutes. Your number of sessions will be based on your needs, what your therapist recommends and what your insurance covers. Many clients start once a week or every other week, eventually reducing to less frequent appointments.
What does it mean if a therapist is an intern?
Interns have completed their Master’s degree toward becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist or a Social Worker or their Doctoral degree to become a Psychologist. Interns are registered with the Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) but are not licensed by the State of California. They are working toward their total required hours of experience to order to be tested and licensed. All interns meet weekly with a licensed supervisor to meet the Board of Behavioral Sciences requirements and to ensure you get the best possible care.
Do you take any insurance?
We are all independent practitioners and choose individually on which insurance panels we will serve. Please visit each therapist’s page to determine if they accept your insurance.

Some employers provide tax-deferred medical plans that can be used for counseling appointments. We take checks and cash, and can provide receipts if requested. A few of us are equipped to take credit card and debit payments as well.

I don’t have a babysitter. Can I bring my kids with me?
In order for you to get the most benefit out of your session, please arrange to come without your kids. We ask that children not be left unattended in our waiting rooms unless they are to be part of the therapy process.
Records Requests and Subpoenas?
Please visit our therapists page for contact information regarding the specific therapist. We cannot accept records requests or subpoenas addressed to Creekside Counseling Associates.